About Us

First of all, we mix every order to order, in small batches with lots of gluten free love.

As a mom and aunt of a Celiac, we know what it’s like to wonder, “Is this really gluten free?” With annaB’s, you know it’s gluten free.  We don’t allow gluten in our kitchen at all, anytime, for any reason. And why would we? It’s not like we need it anyway!

We are here because we believe that a gluten allergy (or any allergy) does not have to mean total and complete seclusion from food-related social events.

So maybe that sounds a little dramatic…but it’s true! We care about providing safe, delicious, preservative free food for the gluten free people of the world (whether they are GF by choice or by demand!) Newly diagnosed Celiacs and veteran gluten free people alike agree that eating out is hard. Actually, eating in general can be hard! Really hard. Hidden wheat thickeners, lack of understanding about what Celiac even means, it is tough!

We want to be the place you can go for all your gluten free bakery needs. No fuss, no worries, no stares, no whispers. We are talking the bread, the bagels, the muffins, the things you really miss. We do cupcakes, and cakes, and cookies too! We are made of the stuff you can happily pack in your lunch box or eat on the go for breakfast. And of course, it tastes great too!

Talk to you soon!